Frequently Asked Questions


Which category of applications are applicable to apply in the correction module in TG-bPASS?

The Category of applications that can be applied under the TG-bPASS Correction Module are as follows Instant Registration ,Instant approval ,Instant approval -Occupancy

When can I make corrections to my application after submission in TG-bPASS?

You can apply for corrections to your TG-bPASS application only after approval of the submitted Proposal in the TG-bPASS Application for Instant Registration and Instant Approvals. In Generated Certificates, you can apply for the necessary changes for limited provided fields by using the correction module

What type of errors can I correct using the correction module?

Using the correction module, you can correct only typographical errors related to personal details in the application-related information only. for the following fields: - Applicant’s Full Name, Aadhaar Number, Mobile Number, E-Mail ID, Complete Postal Address, Plot Details & Plot Address etc.

What type of document is required to be uploaded in the correction module?

The Authentic valid ID Proof such as an Aadhaar Card etc., should be uploaded for change requests applied in the correction module.

Can I edit documents that I have already uploaded?

No, you cannot edit documents that you have already uploaded and applied for a correction request.

What if I am unable to correct errors using the correction module?

If you are unable to correct errors using the correction module, you can contact and reach out to the TG-bPASS technical support team for assistance. Contact Number: 1800-599 22 66 & 040-22 66 66 66. Email Address ID: TG-bPASS-support[at]telangana[dot]gov[dot]in Hours of Operations: 10:00am to 6:00pm IST

What is the fee to be paid for Corrections applied?

Applicable amount to be paid is Rs.5000/- per application.


What is meant by TG-bPASS?

Telangana Layout & Building Permission Approval and Self-Certification System. In this system all the Layout & Building permissions are processed and disposed through Online.

What is meant by Single Window System?

Single Window System is a facility to process all layout and building applications for permissions through online by streamlining the different processes and approvals (NOCs) in order to act as a single point of contact for requesting various services on submission of required documents and fees.

What is Self certification and where it is applicable?

Self-certification is declaration to be submitted by the applicant regarding the proposals and documents which are in conformity with rules and regulations.

‘Self-Certification’ system is applicable - For Individual residential buildings constructed in plot size upto 500 sq mts and height upto 10 mts and the proposal which is in accordance with the Master plan /Detailed Planning scheme / Local Area Plan and building rules. For Layout proposals which are in accordance with the Master plan /Detailed Planning scheme / Local Area Plan and Layout rules.

What are the Prerequisites for the ‘Self-Certification’?

The following will be the perquisites for the ‘Self-Certification

1. Online application form along with declaration duly Self-certifying regarding the size of the plot and floors and ownership document including EC and PDF document of proposed plan.

2. Undertaking to be submitted with self –certification regarding personal accountability and liability in case of false declaration.

3. Undertaking to be submitted regarding violations of sanctioned plan if any found, the Government or the Commissioner or the Agency authorized will take up the demolition without issuance of any notice.

Applicability of Single window system?

For Plot Size above 500 sq mts and height above 10 mts there shall be a Single window system and all commercial buildings, High Rise Buildings, Group Development Schemes, Group Housing, Apartment Complexes, Multiplexes, Non-residential buildings and other such constructions, which require multiple NOCs, one common application form shall be submitted through web based online system as prescribed.

What are the Prerequisites for Single Window System?

The online application has to be submitted with all requisite documents as prescribed.

The online system shall not accept the application unless all such documents are submitted. Such documents upon submission shall be examined by the single window committee set up for this purpose and shortfalls or incompleteness or cases where further information or clarification is needed shall be communicated to the applicant within 10 days from the date of submission.

What happens when there is no communication by the single window system?

If no order is issued on the building application within the time prescribed, then the approval will be deemed to have been issued, as prescribed


I have purchased the land of 5-00 acres which is adjacent to water body. Can I apply for layout permission?

You can apply for layout permission in Self-Certification System it will examine by the District Level Committee headed by District Collector consisting of the members as prescribed including Irrigation Department and Revenue Department.

The land in conservation zone as per Master Plan, is it eligible for layout approval?

No, according to the zoning regulations the layouts are not permissible in Conservation Zone.

My land is adjacent to High Tension tower line. Can I get Layout permission?

Yes, as per the rules, the land below the tower lines, to the width of tower base shall be developed as Greenery and from the tower base, 10mts wide roads on either side shall be provided.

What is the percentage of open land/park and other requirements required for layout approval?

In any layouts, you need to provide 7.5% for parks and playgrounds, 1.00% for social infrastructure, 1.00% for utilities such as water reservoir, septic tank/sewerage treatment plant, electric transformer, solid waste management etc., 0.5% for common parking space.

Whether the 25’-00” internal roads are permissible for layout approval?

No, the minimum width of internal roads should be 12.00mts/40’-00” wide.

After approval of layout, can I sell all the layout plots?

No, you can sell only 85% of plotted area. The layout owner shall mortgage minimum 15% of the plotted area with the concerned Municipality, as indicated in approved draft Tentative layout Plan This 15% mortgaged plotted area will be released by District Level TSBPASS Committee on compliance of the payment of necessary fee & charges and receiving copy of relinquishment mortgaged deed.

Whether the Municipalities/Municipal Corporations are empowered to sanction the layouts?

No, the District Level TSBPASS Committee up to 2.50 Acres & State Level Committee above 2.5 Acres are empowered to sanction the layout.

My site is abutting to katcha road, whether the layout will be approved?

Yes, but you need to form the WBM road at the time of release of Draft layout and to form the BT road along with internal roads before approval of final layout.


How to get the building permissions through TSBPASS?

The applicant is required to upload the required documents as per the check list duly making initial fee of Rs. and DT&CP user charges through TSBPASS online system. i.e., (htttp//

Who can make registration and to pay Rs.1/- registration fee?

In plot size up to 75 Sq.Yds and the construction of ground or ground + 1 upper floor is not required any permission, however the applicant need to register online through TSBPASS web portal and registration fee can be paid along with first property tax receipt.

I have purchased a plot of 150 Sq.m. in un-approved layout, Shall I apply for a building permission?

Yes, You can apply for permission and get online permission through self certification system, but the sale deed documents registered on or before 28-10-2015 in old municipalities and registered on or before 30-03-2018 as per G.O.Ms.No.251 MA dt:14-10-2019, 261MA dt.29-10-2019 & 265 MA dt:08-11-2019 for newly constituted municipalities will only considered.

What are consequences if does not apply for building permission and layout permission?

The District Level Force Committee headed by district collector will detect and take up the demolition of such un-lawful executed building / layout without issuing notice as per provisions of section 174 (4) of TMA Act, 2019.

I constructed G+1 in plot area of 200 Sq.m. with valid permission, shall I apply for Occupancy certificate?

No, the issue of occupancy certificate in case of individual residential building in plots area upto 200 Sq.m. with a height of 7.00 m are exempted for applying occupancy certificate.

What is deemed permission?

If the permission will not be issued with in a span of 21 days such permission will be treated as deemed permission.

My Neighbor has obtained the building permission by the submitted invalid documents and mis-represented the facts of statement, what will be the action?

If the deemed approval has been obtained by mis-representing the facts or constructed the building rules, zoning regulations, master plan land use provisions etc.., such permission will be revoked by the Municipal Commissioner concerned within 21 days.

My plot is falling in the bed of water bodies like River, Vagu,Lake, Pond, Kunta, Nala etc. shall I apply for building permission?

No, the plots falling in the bed of water bodies F.T.L. of like River, Vagu,Lake, Pond, Kunta, Nala etc.. as per notified master plan, such building applications cannot be considered for permission.

If the plot is abutting to a water body like River, Vagu,Lake, Pond, Kunta, Nala etc., can be building permission be issued?

NOC required from irrigation and revenue departments.


To whom shall i approach to submit the building application?

You can directly submit your application, through online portal – TSBPASS.

Who are the authorized persons for uploading the application?

The applicant himself can upload the application after registering in the online TSBPASS portal.

What shall be payment to be made at the time of application?

Initial processing charges basing on the type of the building permission sought which will be known while uploading the application.

Whether the services of the Architect to be taken for up loading the building plans.

It is up to the applicant to decide.

Are there any standard building plans based available for different plot sizes.

Standard building plans are available in the portal.

When shall i have to pay the building fee

It will be after receiving the fee intimation letter.

Will i get the approved hard copy of the plan from the Urban local body.

No. You can download from the website portal.

How can I verify the approved building permission?

By quoting the building application Number, the approved building permission copy can be downloaded.

Is digital approved building plans eligible for obtaining loan from financial institutions.



In how many days, the building permission is processed?

21 Days.

What is deemed permission?

If the application is not processed in 21 days, the building permission is deed to have been granted.

Time limit for payment of fee.

The applicant shall comply for payment of fee within 15 days and if the payment is not made within 15 days, the applicant shall pay within another 15 days of time on payment of 10% of interest.

Time limit for shortfall information compliance.

15 days.

If shortfall information is not furnished in time limits, what will be status of my building application?

The application will be rejected automatically.

In how many days a complaint filed will be disposed.

One week.


What are the documents to be uploaded for building permission.

Basing on the type of building proposal, the details of the documents will be prompted for uploading.

Is attestation of the Gazetted officer necessary

The applications is being processed based on self-certification of the applicants and hence not applicable.

How to collect the approved plans and proceedings.

Can be downloaded from the TSBPASS portal.

Is EC to be submitted?


I have only tax receipts in respect of ownership of site. How can I submit the ownership documents?

The applicant shall obtain ownership certificate from the respective ULB, along with the tax receipts

Permission obtained by misrepresentation of facts and false documents.

Permission will be revoked and action initiated for demolition of the building, penal charges, criminal proceeding etc.,


Who is the enforcement authority for controlling the unauthorised constructions?

Special Task Force headed by the District Collector.

In how many days action taken on a complaint filed on unauthorised building.

15 days.

Whom shall I approach if i am not satisfied with the action taken on my complaint?

District Collector.

Is there any mechanism for filing complaints, other than manual process.

You can file through online consoles such as call centre / mobile app/ web / toll free number.

Will the name of the person complaining kept secret.


What are the actions that can be initiated on deviated construction.

Demolition of the unauthorised portion of the building, penal charges, criminal proceeding etc.,

Will any notice issued before undertaking demolition of unauthorised constructions / deviations.


Who shall bear the cost of demolition?

The land / building owner.

Can constructions be made in the Parking area.


What is special task force?

Special Task force is an Enforcement wing at each District level under the chairmen ship of District Collector which monitor the identification and action against the un authorized Layouts Buildings in deviation of approved plans and Buildings constructed without obtaining permission.

How the special task force identify the unauthorized Layout /Buildings in deviation to sanctioned Plan?

The special task force Enforcement teams will frequently inspects the areas to identify the unauthorized Buildings/ layouts.

Can a citizen can give complement/ information about the unauthorized construction or any grievance?

The citizen can give their complaints regarding unauthorized Buildings OR violations through online consoles such as call center/Mobile App/Toll Free number etc.

What is the action against a Building in deviation to the sanctioned plan?

The task force team leader will asserts the deviation into the categories i.e less than 10% deviation and more than 10% deviation ( in respect of sited and rear setbacks only ) and the decision will be taken for revocation of Building permission and may take action such as levy of penalty of 25% of value of land/ three years imprisonment/demolition without notice.

Is there any penalty provision for construction made in area earmarked for parking space?

Yes , in case of Buildings where area earmarked for parking is being put to other use , the penalty may be levied up to 25% of the value of the land or Building including land as fixed by the Registration department, which shall in case be less than 50% of the said amount beside demolition.

What is the action, if the permission for layout or Building is obtained in self certification system by making false statement or misrepresenting the facts?

In case the permission is obtain by making false statement or misrepresentation of facts the same will be revoked /cancelled and the action for demolition will be taken up without any notice to the owner /Builder.

Whether the construction can be commenced prior to the obtaining approval?

No, the owner/Builder shall not commence the construction of Building or Layout without obtaining permission from ULB.

How many days will it take to initiate action on identified buildings or any complaint is received against any Building /Layout?

The identified cases will be examined within one week from such information and appropriate action will be initiated.

What is the further action after demolition?

After the demolition:

1. The cost of demolition will be recovered from the owner/Builder.

2. Information will be provided to registration department to include in prohibitory register.

3. The concerned Electricity/water supply departments will be informed not to give any service connection of temporary or permanent to the respective property.

If the complaint is given by a citizen there is any threat to the individual?

No, the particulars of the informants /complaints is not disclosed.